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Echo Lake Camp

About Echo Lake Camp

If you are a first time visitor to this site, or would just like to find out more about Echo Lake Camp, read this page to see what we are all about.


A forms page has been made to organize all the paperwork necessary to attend camp. On this page, you'll find links to both our registration form and liability form, which all guests must complete.

We've Got Pictures!

An image gallery has been organized and posted. The pictures are available at several resolutions, including common desktop background sizes. Take a look at our gallery.

News Section Added

In order to keep you informed of the goings on of Echo Lake Camp, we have added a News Section to our website. It will contain recent announcements and letters from the managers.


See which of the friendly staff members are returning for another season.


The AMC Echo Lake Camp committee hires the camp managers, approves the budget, solicits leaders, and develops camp policies. The committee is elected from those camp guests who have stated a willingness to serve a three year term of office.


Find out who will be heading up the hikes, nurturing our nature viewing, and entertaining our evenings this summer.


If you are looking for summer work, and think you might enjoy the woods of Maine, check out the positions we have available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Echo Lake Camp is such a unique place that many times a simple description does not do it justice. We have received many questions about our facilities, policies and activities and answered them all here for you.


If you are coming to camp this summer, we would not want you to be late for dinner. Double check our directions page before making the trip.


If you need information about Echo Lake Camp that is not contained within this site please do not hesitate to contact some of the people listed here.


Check out some of the other organizations that keep Maine beautiful.